I offer guitar & music theory lessons at my studio in San Francisco, CA. If you live outside the Bay Area, I also offer online lessons via Zoom. 

I have 20 years of guitar playing experience, and I have a B.F.A. in Jazz studies. I'm versatile in many styles such as jazz, rock, folk & blues. On the guitar, I can help you with practice technique, music theory, chords, harmony, and creating a great guitar solo. I'm patient and practical, and will tailor lessons to your specific needs.

I've been a teaching affiliate for the Music Department at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus where I gave private lessons in guitar, theory, and piano. I also perform and teach regularly at festivals all throughout the US. Check out my Shows page.

All levels, ages, and people are welcome. Get in touch for more info & my rates/availability! 


“I found Lisa when I was looking for a guitar instructor for metal guitar. Essentially I wanted to learn how to shred. After two years, I've learned so much more than that. What I really enjoyed about working with her is that unlike most guitar teachers, she encouraged me right off the bat to use sheet music rather than tabs and emphasized the importance of having a solid music theory foundation. Her classical training and background in jazz provided a different perspective to understanding scales, rhythm, speed, improvising, and song-writing. Some weeks, I would be learning Iron Maiden alongside Bach violin partitas...

The lessons were well-structured but fun, and always flew by so fast. Working with her completely changed my approach to music and took my playing to the next level. As an instructor, Lisa was super chill and understanding. She was patient and very good at explaining difficult concepts. Furthermore, it was easy to schedule lessons with her. She was flexible and always able to accommodate my often unpredictable work schedule. No matter what level you are, if you are looking to broaden your style or improve your technique, I would definitely recommend Lisa 100%."
 -Christine W.


"Since meeting and learning from Lisa, I've had an immediate increase in knowledge along with how to apply that knowledge to the guitar. She always explains things clearly and is willing to go over areas that you have trouble in with absolute patience. I can honestly say I'm glad I started taking lessons from her. It has restored my love and interest in mastering the guitar."

-Donte C.

In the Shed: Lesson Videos